The textile cluster: from raw cotton to comfortable clothing

After the processing of cotton, an important intermediate stage is the transformation of the cotton fibre into yarn. In the past this was done by hand, whereas the employees at Global Textile involve innovative equipment into this process.

This equipment turns rovings into fine strands of yarn, which will later turn into fabric. The process itself has not changed much - the cotton fibre is pulled and twisted. However, unlike manual spinning, the machine is 1,000 times more efficient.

Our experts and technologists closely monitor the quality of the yarn. And the clothes made of knitted fabric and high-quality yarn provide people comfort in their everyday lives.

Yarn production capacity of Global Textile group companies:

Global Textile Solutions, Tashkent - 15 tons/day.

Fergana Global Textile, Fergana - 36 tons/day.

Global Textile Infinity, to be commissioned soon, will potentially produce around 70 tons of yarn per day.

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