Our principles

The Global Textile group of companies relies on a specially designed management structure that is continuously improved, modernized and adapted.

Each achievement of the company is a hard work in a team of all employees. Each employee of our company makes a valuable contribution to the achievement of goals and development of the company. Mutual respect of each team member contributes to the fruitful work and success of our company.

Competence of employees

Social responsibility

Openness and transparency

Continuous improvement

Long-term cooperation


The company adheres to a customer-oriented strategy to achieve its goals by ensuring stable development, improvement and strengthening its status in the global market.

We set ourselves long-term goals:

  • Satisfying customer requests, focusing on their needs and preferences To be a promising company where they aspire to get into Take care of the environment by reducing harmful substances that occur at all stages of production To be an enterprise producing high-quality and ecological products

Ethics management

The Global Textile group of companies has a certain management ethics that gives an understanding of the norms and principles for a comfortable and efficient working time.

  • All employees undertake to cooperate in good faith with all our partners and investors, to fulfill their obligations, respecting our partners and their colleagues.
  • All employees trade on the basis of openness and honesty, moving in the same direction
  • All employees comply with all established rules, norms and principles related to the activities of the Company, undertake to act on the basis of healthy competition and support a democratic market economy.
  • All employees do not accept illegal money, things and services that are comfortable for themselves, but are aimed at harming the company. Will never use the company's material assets for personal purposes.
  • We do not tolerate disrespectful attitude between employees and try to create a favorable and strong atmosphere in the team.
  • We strive to contribute to the development of the region and Uzbekistan, realizing our social responsibility to society. We participate and will actively participate in social events that will benefit the environment, emergencies or actions.