Working for the common good

To grow a good crop is not an easy task. And we know this from our first-hand experience, cultivating cotton on 1,624 hectares of our own farms. Through continuous research and studies, we have turned the most unsuitable, barren land in the Ferghana Valley into fertile areas that regularly yield good harvests. Today we not only successfully utilize this knowledge across our fields, but also share it with our farming partners. 

Global Textile specialists give consultations on proper seeding and usage of fertilizers, explain the importance of using the latest achievements of scientific and technical achievements in agriculture - drip irrigation, satellite technologies, and cutting-edge safe methods of pest control. We also provide support in administrative matters: documentation, negotiations with local authorities and suppliers, and product certification. Furthermore, we involve third-party organizations and foreign experts to assist our partners.

The joint efforts have an effect. The farmers see for themselves the benefits of cooperating with us: yields are significantly increased, production and organizational costs are reduced. And the company's policy which is based on equal partnership enables us to build constructive and long-term relationships. 

To work with openness and honesty, in the interests of all parties - one of the underlying principles of Global Textile. This is the foundation of cooperation between the company and farmers.

Working for the common good

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