The results of the challenge for Teacher's Day

Results of the Challenge for Teacher's Day Friends, we are interested in the idea of ​​bloggers and we want to support their challenge, which is to remember their mentors, teachers, teachers and congratulate them on Teacher's Day. It is very important to remember those who left an indelible imprint of wisdom and knowledge in our lives.

To participate in the challenge, you must:

1. Buy flowers for your teacher/teacher (warning: not your child's teacher)

2. Come to him and congratulate him on Teacher's Day

3. Take a photo together

4. Send this photo, full name and the company where you officially work (FGT, GTS, Holding, etc.)

in telegram to @global_textile_pr send before 17:59, October 2, 2022.

If your teacher is ready to shoot a video with you or wants to make a video message, you can send not only a photo, but also a video up to 10 seconds.

Upon completion of the challenge, all Global Textile employees who participated in the event will be paid a one-time bonus.

The results of the challenge for Teacher's Day

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