Message from the CEO of the Global Textile group of companies

Global Textile group of companies
Vakhobov M.M.

In 2018, together with 300 employees, the very first production was launched. Since then, a lot of effort and work of our team has been put into creating an open and transparent company that meets international standards.

We have observed, studied, analyzed and selected advanced manufacturing equipment from global manufacturers. By continuously improving, introducing innovative monitoring and quality control technologies, digitalizing and automating internal and external business processes, we have managed to become a leading company producing textile products that our customers can rely on.

Today, Global Textile is a textile complex, which includes 6 factories, 3 plants, and a total of 26 thousand hectares of fields for growing organic cotton, which are being worked on by a close-knit team of more than 3,000 employees.

Our textile production begins with the collection of cotton in our own fields with drip irrigation. Each bud is carefully grown by our farmers and harvested with gentle high-tech equipment, cleaned and processed.

At every stage of the production of our products, tests are carried out in our laboratories with the assistance of experienced professionals and high-tech laboratory equipment such as USTER, James Heal and Laborteks. As a result, you get clean, environmentally friendly high quality products that meet all standards and are safe for humans and our planet.