Kirill Altman has visited the Fergana Global Textile cluster

Kirill Altman, the famous blogger of Uzbekistan, has visited the Fergana Global Textile cluster.

In his YouTube project Alter Ego Kirill interviews famous people, interesting persons as well as the country's leading entrepreneurs. His channel attained about 37K subscribers and this project became quite popular among diverse population. 

What is a cluster? Why did we implement to this system? What is the drip irrigation system and could it save the Aral Sea? What are cotton ginning process, yarn production and fabric dyeing? Why do foreign brands buy our textile products? How do clusters make money? 

Answers to all of these questions and even more you can find in Kirill Altman’s new video “Cotton business. Everything about Uzbek Cotton Cluster” based on the example of successful textile cluster in Uzbekistan - Fergana Global Textile.

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