UzTextileExpo Autumn 2022

Together with representatives of international and foreign organizations, M. Razakov was invited to speak at the summit, dedicated to "New Balance in the global textile market and Fast trends Fashion", where he presented Global Textile as a successful example of cotton-textile cluster model.

Drip irrigation systems, best-in-class equipment, efficient agro-industrial management and innovative approach to work with the help of Planado and Crop Monitoring software – all of that distinguishes our company and helps us to keep up with latest global trends. The newest project, Track & Trace that was presented at the summit, will soon be added to this list.

We are grateful to our colleagues from Uzbekistan Textile and Garment Industry Association  for inviting us to share our vision at the Tashkent Textile Summit, where we had a great opportunity to keep up with the old friends, make new ones, and discuss potential cooperation with the international partners. 

UzTextileExpo Autumn 2022

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