Record of our Farmer

We are proud to tell you today about one of our farmers who has impressed us with his dedication and a commitment to quality. In just 4 days he managed to fulfill his contractual obligations on cotton harvesting, whereas around 90% of the farmers in Fergana Valley have not even started their work. This was made possible by professional agronomic support and complete provision of necessary resources by our Global Textile cluster.

Ibrokhimjon Okhunov, the head of Sallokh Farm, has long been committed to cultivate high-quality crops, and this season his efforts have yielded results. Such achievements prove that each we have a growing number of motivated farmers. This is thanks to new state-led reforms aimed at creating a cotton-cluster system, where textile entrepreneurs and farmers are partners.

We extend our sincere congratulations on these impressive accomplishments and the new cotton harvesting record. We would like to remind that Global Textile is committed to fostering agricultural development.

Record of our Farmer

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