RIETER Textile Machinery Trainer Rolf Willen held a practical session at Global Textile Solutions.

Rolf Willen, a trainer from Swiss Company RIETER, one of the leading textile machinery companies, conducted a practical training session for teachers of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry at Global Textile Solutions.

In the framework of intergovernmental agreement Rieter has launched a series of training programs. The first training was held for the teaching staff of the Textile Institute. During the entire week the trainees received theoretical knowledge at their university, and as a final stage, i.e. the practical lesson was held at Global Textile Solutions.

During a guided tour Rolf Willen explained to the trainees the production processes, working procedures and possibilities of the equipment based on example of Global Textile Solutions Mill, which is equipped with Rieter's state-of-the-art machinery. 

In order to increase the potential of the textile industry personnel a similar training for students of the Textile Institute is planned for November. According to the agreement such training sessions will be held once a year for the teaching staff and twice a year for the students.

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