We leverage our professional skills to create positive impacts on how compact yarn is made by investing in technology, sustainable solutions and continuous improvements. Moreover, the production site of our company is equipped with the most modern equipment of the world’s leading brands such as RIETER (Switzerland), MURATA (Japan) and TEMSAN (Turkey):

  • BLOWROOM (RIETER) with Uster Jossi Magic Eye
  • CARD C 70 (RIETER)  
  • Draw frame (RIETER) 
  • Comber E 86 (RIETER)  
  • Roving frame (RIETER) F 16 
  • Ring frame K42 (RIETER) 
  • Winder - Murata Q PRO Plus with Uster Quantum 3 clearer (MURATA) 
  • Air Conditioning (TEMSAN)      
  • Yarn Conditioning (XORELLA)

Also our laboratory is facilitated with the modern laboratory equipment of USTER (Switzerland).

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