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Our Company

        Our determination to produce the world’s finest yarns relies on a culture committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our modern technology and equipment enabled our domestic experts along with our highly qualified experts from foreign countries to achieve the highest level of quality. 

     One of the main distinguishing features of our company is the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to automate business processes, transparency and accuracy of the data to quickly respond to problems encountered and correct production decisions. 


      GLOBAL TEXTILE SOLUTIONS Ltd started its production of high quality Compact yarns in January 2018. The factory is located near the biggest transport hub of Uzbekistan, in Tashkent.

        With over 300 employees, GTS operates with a strong commitment towards to environmental practices and industry-leading labor all the way through its supply chain in compliance with its complex corporate social responsibility program included in the company's long-term business strategy.


        In a relatively short period of time GLOBAL TEXTILE SOLUTIONS Ltd took a leading position both in the domestic and international markets with its high standard quality product and excellent customer service provided by young and dynamic professionals of GTS.

       We achieve the highest level of  quality with the deployment of  highly experienced  and top  qualified foreign  and domestic experts. Also the efficient implementation of the management system consistency in the product development.